The Crew

 Nancee Sobonya – Filmmaker, is a Grief Counselor and Educator, and a teacher of the Ridhwan School of Spiritual Development.
Nancee Sobonya
Director/producer of The Gifts of Grief, Nancee presents this highly acclaimed educational documentary about the transformational power of grief at conferences, churches, hospitals, hospices and film festivals worldwide. She has been working in the field of death and bereavement for the past 26 years and was the Bereavement Outreach Educator at Pathways Hospice for 17 years. She also teaches at Starr King School of Ministry.

Nancee studied film at the Film Arts Foundation in San Francisco. She is currently working on a new project called “Silent Sorrows,” a series of videos about life’s unacknowledged losses. For film screenings, conference presentations, workshops, trainings, or counseling, please contact her at

Interview with Art and Healing Network

Vicente Franco – Director of Photography has been working in film and television since 1982, as producer, director, cinematographer and editor. Vicente’s latest film Daughter from Danang won the 2002 Sundance Film Festival Documentary Grand Jury Prize and was nominated for an Academy Award. His other films include; CubaVa: The Challenge of the Next Generation, Freedom on My Mind, nominated for an Academy Award in 1993 and awarded Best film at the Sundance International Film Festival; the Good War and Those Who Refused to Fight It, about Conscientious Objectors in the Second World War winner of Ojai Film Festival: and the Fight in the Fields: Caesar Chavez and the Farmworkers’ Struggle. He also holds a Masters in film from SFSU.

Robert C. Goss – Editor has been a video editor for the past twelve years. In addition to The Gifts of Grief his credits include The Color of Fear, parts I & II, and Last Chance for Eden, parts I & II. The Gifts of Grief has special meaning for Robert since he lost his father during the making of the film. Robert lives with his wife and daughter in Oakland, California. He can be contacted at

Ted Seymour – Editor is a visual artist, focused primarily on documentary film and photography. He is also the chairperson for a creative arts scholarship fund for at-risk youth in SF and has taught classes both in photography and video production with these youth. He can be reached at

Photographic Imagery in the film provided by Ginny Felch: