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In addition to being viewed by the general population, this educational documentary is also intended for use by organizations which serve those who are dying and grieving such as hospices, hospitals, churches, schools and universities. It can also be used for the training of clergy, social workers, nurses, counselors and others who work directly with those who are experiencing loss and looking for a greater sense of hope and direction in their process.

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Journal of Loss and Trauma


“A beautiful film and a great gift to us all. Finally a film that points to the positive dimensions of grief. It shows us that grief is our common ground, that the healing is always found by moving toward the suffering and that the journey through grief is a path to wholeness.”

Frank Ostaseski – Founder Metta Institute

“The Gifts of Grief is a most inspiring and moving film about death and bereavement. I came to it expecting sentimentality, instead I found wise people talking about their own personal experience of bereavement as a formative experience from which they and we all have much to learn.”

Colin Murray Parkes, President of Cruse Bereavement Care, Consultant Psychiatrist to St. Christopher’s Hospice, London, and author of Bereavement: Studies of Grief in Adult Life

“The diversity of voices in this film speaks to the uniqueness and universality of the grief experience. There are pearls of comfort and questions for reflection for everyone.”

Marcia Lattanzi-Licht, MA, RN, LPC – Educator, Author, Psychotherapist

In a word, you have created something truly authentic, fresh and precious.

‘The Gifts of Grief” offers a wise, beautifully crafted, exploration of grief’s rocky road, a challenge that sooner or later will confront us all. While each of us must find our own path, the wonderfully articulate fellow travelers we meet in this sensitive film bring us hope, the wisdom of Rumi distilled through their own experiences of loss. A timeless gem! What a gift!

Nancee, this is documentary film making at its best – a desperately important topic, wonderfully insightful and open subjects, and a message of hope. Timeless wisdom indeed.”

Balfour Mount, MD, Founding Director of the Royal Victoria Hospital Palliative Care Service

“The Gifts of Grief” is simply wonderful; a powerful and artistically masterful exploration of the pain and grace of grief.”

Ira Byock, MD -Director of Palliative Medicine, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
“This film has taught me many lessons about death and life. Death is a part of life and it transforms us. It makes us better people. The film is certainly inspiring, uplifting and would be useful to use with bereaved clients, I would view it on a daily basis personally.”

Eugenie Mukanoheli – Kigali Institute of Science and Technology – Rwanda

“I think this film should be offered to PBS for public television viewing around the country. As we grapple with a societal/cultural education in our country and elsewhere about death and its transformative possibilities this film is a lovely opening into the pain of grief and loss and healing.”

Betty Denny – Metta Institute